The current work departs from the literal representations of maps but includes elements of their origins. The layers of these landscapes, of folds and strata speak of cyclical time…ancient, they also speak of a shorter cycle of time, the small houses and buildings connect with human timeframes. The use of colour is restricted to a tonal range of soft greys through to deep black and as one reads across the surfaces of these paintings and follows the folds of strata….on the one hand you follow the folds of the weight of stone and this leads one to the folds of paper, one moves from enormous weight and depth to the fragility of paper. The small houses perched above or below, on the edge, or under this weight of stone and granite speak of fragility and vulnerability. Dr Yvonne Scott, Director, Triarc (Trinity College Irish Art Resource Centre)
Acrylic & graphite on canvas.
90 x 140 cm (H x W)
Gormleys Fine Art, Belfast.